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Christmas Day – 2011 – Our Travel Plan

This global view shows the path of our 7000 mile flight from Seattle to Toronto to Santiago.

On this blog Leslie and Val intend to put some pithy thoughts and some cool photos that capture something of our experiences in the Long Skinny Country of Chile.

14 Responses to “Off We Go”

  1. susannevin says:

    Merry Christmas and bon voyage! Good luck…we will be watching this space.
    Susie and Kirk

  2. Jeanne says:

    Leavin’ on a jet plane…at least you know when you’ll be back again.

    A wonderful adventure in store for you – WOW!

    Send whales north!

    Merry Christmas and best wishes!

  3. val says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh – – – One Way Ticket!

  4. Alice says:

    Have a super fantastic trip!

    Buen viaje!

  5. Chuck & Drew says:

    You wil have to come over for a BBQ on our False Bay beach this July to tell us all about your adventure!

    Aloha from the Big Island,
    Chuck & Drew

  6. Chuck & Drew says:

    You will have to come over for a BBQ on our False Bay beach next July to tell us all about your adventure.

    Aloha from the Big Island,
    Chuck & Drew

  7. Clauber says:

    There is a brazilian song that says:

    “Super fantastically, it will be great to join you in your magic balloon! I also want to travel with you!”

    Fly safely heading south, but do not forget to stop by Brazil.

    Happy New Year in South Hemisphere!

  8. beth & Bob says:

    Wow! What a journey! We knew you were going (through Bradleys) but not the length of the trip. You are so fortunate. Look forward to hearing about your adventures—
    Beth & Bob

  9. laura says:

    It’s colder up here already without your sunny faces to warm us up… but we are so excited about your adventures! xoxox

  10. Carole and Rick says:

    We trust you are now enjoying warmer weather! Have a great trip! Happy New Year!
    Carole and Rick

  11. Fiona says:

    Bon Voyage Val and Leslie, and Happy New Year. I look forward to reading about your trip.

  12. Ellen Fisher says:

    Christmas is such a busy time of year that I am just now catching up on your blog, pictures, and doings. Your plan sounds absolutely fantastic, and we will watch reported progress with great interest and some envy, at least on my part. Meanwhile, life puddles on in the Bay Area, though without much rain so far! We send warm and happy thoughts your way!

  13. Ines Purcell says:

    Hi Leslie & Val:
    I am at my daughter’s house in Osorno, as you know I don’t have internet, but if you need anything, you can communicate with me through her mail, or at my phone. I would love to know how everything is going, it was very nice having you at my house in Pulelo.

  14. Paul & Monique says:

    Hi dear couple, new followers!
    Big compliment to your website, fantastic,
    L&K, and enjoy the rest of your amazing and beautiful trip.

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