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Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef


We took a high-speed catamaran about 1.5 hours offshore of Cairns to snorkel on Opal Reef at three different sites.

We wore wetsuits, making it very difficult to dive down because we did not have weight belts. We enjoyed each site with its different types of soft and hard corals.

Cora used her underwater GoPro to take a number of still photos and a number of short videos. We found this part of the Great Barrier Reef to be in pretty good shape with only a few places where we saw bleached corals and there were quite a few small reef fish everywhere.

Check out this timid Clown Fish.
Gramps closes a huge clam.
We cruised around a coral bommie.
Cora finds a Green Turtle.

4 Responses to “Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Stormy says:

    What a wonderful experience to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. “Coral bommie” sent me to the dictionary this morning and here’s what I found for other readers today (thanks to Google):

    “Australian. an outcrop of coral reef, often resembling a column, that is higher than the surrounding platform of reef and which may be partially exposed at low tide. Comes from ‘bombora,’ an indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area such as a submerged rock …“

    Thanks for always inspiring us!

  2. Beth Carlson says:


    I loved the vimeo of the green turtle—-it must have been magic! Grandpa closing the clam was like a silent conversation—lovely—he was so gentle.

    On to more adventure!

  3. Virginia Garlitz says:

    thanks for sharing. Always nice to be included in your adventures.

  4. Eric Adelberger says:

    The underwater photos where really cool. I had no idea how large the clam was until a Veirs showed up to set the scale! And I was glad to hear that part of the Great Barrier Reef is still healthy..

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