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Biking and Birding on Texel

Given that we have just read Erskine Childers’ excellent The Riddle of the Sands, we have decided to spend our last five days on Texel (pronounced “Tessel”), a small island about the size of San Juan Island located on the North Sea about 3 hours north of Amsterdam. Childers’ novel is thought by scholars to […]

Historical Holland

Kings Day is a national holiday celebrating the House of Orange’s success at beating back the Spanish Catholics during the Middle Ages and creating the base of the diverse and accepting country we have been visiting. On this day a very unusual opportunity is presented to Dutch children. They can take their unwanted toys and […]

Hollandish Patterns

We are on the island of Texel (pronounced Tessel) and are preparing to return home. These photos are ones that we like because they have ‘interesting’ patterns — and we don’t know where else to put them. So, here they are.

Exploring National Park de Hoge Veluwe

We conclude our wonderful barge trip and Mark and Cinda depart for Paris.  We remaining four head by rental car east of Amsterdam to Hoge Veluwe National Park, the supposed “green gem” of national parks in The Netherlands which has been at the top of Leslie’s wish list for Holland for months.  Imagine over 13,000 […]

Bountiful bulbs and buildings

  Spring is tulip time in Holland. We pedaled to Keukenhof and locked up our bikes at the gate.  As we walked through the colorful and fragrant gardens, we were impressed by the variety of bulbs in bloom, such as brilliant red and yellow Aladdin tulips, pastel China pink tulips, plus lots of different daffodils […]

Six friends — barging in locks and under bridges

Our group of six San Juan Island friends have barged and biked and walked and solved problems together for a week now.   Bridges always concentrate our attention. Why? Many are quaint and picturesque and many are low, raising the question, “Can we make it under?”.  If the answer is  “probably not” we have to get […]

The Lowlands – by ‘Locaboat’

<< Previous………………………………………. Next >> For a week we have been travelling, slowly, driving our rented boat along canals, under bridges and up and down in locks. We move a bit faster than most walkers and much slower than the bicyclists often going along the tow path. We have PLENTY of time to watch the passing […]

Amsterdam — That most liberal of cities

Our little group is converging in Amsterdam. Mark and Cinda are north by the train station, Sheila and Dave a bit south toward the Reiksmuseum and we are on the middle on a very quiet canal near Rembrandt’s house. We are in the most modest of our three hotels, but we are the most centrally […]

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