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Thinking … Inside the box

Part I- We spent an afternoon on one of our last days in southern Italy trying to learn more about intarsio after reading about the woodworking craft in one of our guidebooks. We visited a huge shop in Sorrento, and after viewing too many too heavily-laquered objects (everything from coasters to music boxes to paintings), […]

Returning to … Vesuvius

This walk was the confluence of two historical paths. One path through space and time started when we climbed Mt. Vesuvius in 1969 while we were on our ‘Grand – 5$ aday – Tour’ of Europe. The other started when Dick and Dottie started using our home a few times as they put together their […]

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast and on Isla Capri

It’s no wonder that artists, musicians, writers and travelers have been attracted to the approximately 50 km of coastline on the south side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, and to the charming isle of Capri. The area is a feast for the senses. Picturesque villages painted in watercolor washes cling to hills scented with mint, rosemary, lavender […]

Who is walking to Sorrento?

For the past 5 days our group of 10 travelers and 2 guides have been staying overnight in very nice hotels and then spending our days walking on various hilly roads and trails and paths along the Amalfi coast just south and west of Naples. Every second day, a van appears and takes us to […]

Napoli and Pompeii

We arrived in Naples by train after one of those always confusing train terminal experiences. You remember – lots of people, trains everywhere, no notion of where one might buy tickets and a language that we have mastered as far as good morning and not much more. But, we eventually found some ticket machines and […]

Coming back to … Rome!

We knew we would be coming back to Rome and Southern Italy. We knew that in July of 1969 when Leslie threw coins over her shoulder into Trevi Fountain (c.f. “Three Coins in the Fountain”). We just did not know then that it would be nearly a half a century later. In fact it wouldn’t […]

Come back to Sorrento

As we prepare for our upcoming voyage to Italy this is the music that inspires us to pack — Please watch our blog or sign up for email notices (on our home page), for we expect to be posting a series of new photographs and Italian stories over the next few weeks.

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